Tuesday, December 13, 2011

violet blues..

new in promod fedora hat
new in marli zigman wrist watch fashion
new in fashion h&m grey cotton dress
promod fedora grey hat
american apparel emergency bag black

lacking the so called personal posts lately..so here's some stuff i've managed to capture properly. i'd call them this season's essentials, but that isn't exactly true..this american apparel 'garbage bag', like some of my friends like to call it, is something i've been carrying around since day one - in the middle of winter with my black coat and favorite wool hand-warmers, or on the way to the beach with my black towel and magazines folded in it. 
i've hated wrist watches for years because i didn't want to be cuffed with time..but since i got this marli by zigman piece, i've enjoyed every second of it, mostly because of the rifle-like seconds-pointer. there's also this simple and cheap cotton h&m dress ideal for numerous combinations, as is this promod hat bought on sale in the middle of the summer..


lucille said...

i ja nosim svoju stalno :)


i like that AA bag, has something of margiela in it.

Pedro Korshi said...

Lovel the bag.

TMRK said...

hej there,
you have a nice blog and I really like it!

Check out mine if you have not yet :)

chloe said...

i LOVE the garbage bag, i want one now! i thought the watch would be swatch, they've got some cool ones at the moment x

Jenny said...


Choas. said...

these are some gorgeous pieces, in particular your 'garbage bag.' i love huge bags where you can just dump everything into and not worry that there's not enough space. that's why i spend all my money on bags... all the time. :)